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Crown & Bridge



IPS e.max Press and CAD are highly aesthetic lithium disilicate glass ceramics that are available in multiple levels of translucency.  They both offer optimized homogeneity and heightened strength that ranges between 360 and 400 MPa.  For many years now, our focus has been to convert most of the restorative work we receive to all ceramics systems including e-max where applicable.  The indications are that you can use this system as follows


  • e-max press for: Crowns, Veneers, partial crowns, bridge work up to the second premolars
  • e-max CAD for: Crowns, Veneers, partial crowns



Ips d.sign is fluorapatite leucite glass-ceramic that contains fluoride ions which provide the material with a very high chemical resistance. We mainly use it for all our PFM restorations. Where it is not recommended to make all porcelain restorations, IPS d.sign comes in to give comprehensive close to nature looking replacements


3M ESPE Lava System


With 3M ESPE Lava System, we provide high quality restorations that are made of zirconium oxide frameworks and veneered with true-to-nature Lava ceramic. This system is mainly recommended for the fabrications of long span all ceramic bridges and also single crowns where applicable